Update your existing MeasureColor software to the latest MeasureColor

What you need

  • A PC with an existing MeasureColor 15.x or later
  • A license with MCSA to make you eligible for a software update

Update your license first

  • The version you are eligible for depends on the MCSA of your current license. Contact your local reseller if you want to extend your license first.
  • Always update the license on your local server as well before executing the update.

Check the system requirements

Downloading the installer

Click the link on the License Voucher. This will bring you to the installer download page.

  1. This indicates the latest version you are allowed to download. In this example, it’s MeasureColor 16.1.86 .
  2. Click here to download the installer.
  3. In case you don’t want to upgrade to the last version you can choose to download an alternative version.

Backup the database

  • Always make sure a recent backup of the Colorware database is available, just in case

Updating the server software

  • Start the update by double-clicking the installer.
  • Follow the instructions from the installer without changing the destination folder. (You may need to restart Windows more than once)
  • Wait until the installer finishes.
  • The client workstation will update automatically upon logging in