System requirements

MeasureColor is a state-of-the-art QA and Process Control solution that needs some processing power to run smoothly. Nothing exceptional, a normal business PC would normally run just fine.

The Colorware installer is capable of installing a complete MeasureColor system (client, server, and prerequisites) on your computer.

During installation, Windows might show various notices depending on your local security restrictions and the options you have chosen to install.

Typical system requirements:

MeasureColor server Client/Server Standalone MeasureColor Client Reports server
OS Windows Server 2016 or later; Windows 10 and later Windows 10/11 Windows 10/11 Windows Server 2016 or later
SQL server version SQL-2016 or later SQL-2016 or later SQL-2016 or later
architecture x64 x64 x86/x64 x64
processor Core i5-4xxx Core i5-4xxx Core i3-3xxx Core i5-4xxx
RAM 16 Gb 16 Gb 8 Gb 16 Gb
Free disk space 20 Gb 10 Gb 5 Gb 20 Gb
display FullHD + FullHD +
  • 100/1000 Base-TX Network connection
  • Proper internet access during installation and remote support sessions
  • Access to Windows updates
  • Full administrative rights during installation

SQL server versions

Current MeasureColor versions require SQL 2016 or later

  • In existing situations please check the SQL version in use to be SQL2016 or later before updating your software.
  • In case you do a fresh install using the SQLEXPRESS included in the installer, an appropriate SQL version will be downloaded automatically

Important information

  1. Mandatory: run ALL Windows System Updates and REBOOT before installing MeasureColor
  2. MeasureColor default database size limit: MeasureColor installs a free version of Microsoft SQL Server in case no commercial SQL stack is available. SQL Server Express has a database size limit of 10GB. Data-intensive production environments (offset closed loop and/or large companies with more than 20 users) might need to run a commercial license of SQL Server without a size limit. Consult your system administrator on how to do this. See: background information on database growth
  3. BACK-UP responsibility: You (as system owner) are responsible for regular computer backups, including backups of the MeasureColor database.

Other important details

Please take note of the information below when you implement MeasureColor for your company:

  1. Run all Windows system updates and reboot your computer before installing MeasureColor. MeasureColor depends on several 3rd party technologies that require an up-to-date computer. The server should be allowed to activate services and required Windows components.
  2. The MeasureColor Server requires certain Microsoft .NET versions. The MeasureColor installer will attempt to activate these components during the installation procedure, using Windows Updates.
  3. The MeasureColor measurement client application requires a suitable .NET version. The MeasureColor installer will attempt to activate these when the workstation is outdated.
  4. The computer needs unrestricted Internet access during installation for a smooth installation process.
  5. MeasureColor Client software running on Virtual Machines (Parallels, VMWare, etc.) is not recommended.
  6. MeasureColor does not support Thin Client architectures (Citrix, etc.).
  7. Backup responsibility: At all times, you (the user of the MeasureColor product) are responsible for a proper and regular system backup and a regular backup of the MeasureColor database. Please read our article on back-ups here: Backing up your database.
  8. SQL Server Express limitations: SQL Server Express has a size limit of 10GB. Ultimately you will hit that limit after which you cannot add any new measurements to the system: Background information on database growth. In these cases, you need to run the MeasureColor database from a commercial license of SQL Server which does not have that database size limit. The MeasureColor Server configuration can easily be adapted to point to that different SQL Server.
  9. Please see our website here regularly to see if there are any changes to the technical conditions when installing MeasureColor software.

Additional requirements

Depending on installation type and options, the following prerequisites might get installed or activated on your system:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Express
  • IIS
  • Visual runtimes
  • Instrument drivers

When installing, you are sometimes asked for the administrative password, so having that available might be a good idea. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us!