Scoring methods supported by MeasureColor production and MeasureColor reports software

  • ROC (Rate of Compliance)
  • Balanced scoring
  • Ugra PSO (Process Standard Offset)


The Rate of Compliance is the percentage of measured attributes measured within tolerance. Attributes can be ‘Solid’, ‘Tint’, ‘Substrate’, and so on. The number of attributes in tolerance gets divided by the total number of attributes measured. In MeasureColor the ROC of measurements is shown in the scoring button as ‘compliance’ when the global scoring method is set to ‘balanced scoring’.

Balanced scoring

Balanced scoring will adapt to any combination of measured attributes and inks without bias to a specific print technology, making it the go-to scoring method to use on a variety of color bars and materials. Scores of QA-type color bars and ink zone color bars can be compared. To achieve this, Balanced scoring combines per-attribute scores with ROC.

  • Every metric (delta-E, density, TVI…) is compared to the set tolerance, where a score of 50 or better is ‘within tolerance’. An attribute score of 0 means that you exceed the tolerance by a factor of 2 at least.
  • The measurement scores get multiplied by the ROC percentage to arrive at the Balanced score shown in the software.

Ugra PSO

Used for Process Standard Offset certification (ISO 12647-2), Ugra scoring works well for industry-standard QA color bars.

  • A 100% score is achieved when all attributes are printed within the set tolerances
  • For every attribute that is out-of-tolerance a 5% penalty is applied
  • PASS when a score of 80% is achieved
  • Chances of scoring lower will increase when more targets/ink zones/attributes are added to the Color bar, you can’t compare scores for different Color bars 1:1


Measurement Scorecard

From the Job screen, you can always click the score button to get a detailed overview of how the score was built up. When MeasureColor is set to ‘Balanced scoring’ this will show the Quality level, the Compliance, and the resulting Balanced scoring.

You can extend the attributes to see how the exact metrics score.