Introducing MCX: MeasureColor Exchange

From MeasureColor 21.1 and later it is possible to exchange Job presets between MeasureColor servers, using our MCX files.

  • Job presets can be exported from the module's Job setup pages as an MCX file
  • MCX files can be imported using the MCX module
  • MCX files hold all parameters of a job, including Reference and Color bars, and are an easy way to exchanges settings between MeasureColor servers
  • MCX files also contain any PQI* information, including brand information and any linked Reports servers
  • Typically the presets imported with MCX and all imported components (like References, Color bars, Measurement condition…) will be 'locked' and cannot be changed
  • Alternatively we have the 'MCXU' format, that does not prevent editing after import
  • After deleting MCX presets MCX file can be simply imported again.

* More information on PQI: Print Quality Information can be found here: Print Quality Information setup

Setting up a User group for MCX export

From the management module, go to General → User groups and select a User group to add the MCX export. In the Job preset section enable the MCX export. If you wish to include Print Quality Information check that box as well.

Exporting a Job preset as an MCX file

Log in as MCX enabled user. From the Job setup, highlight a preset and click the Export button. This will open a File dialog that lets you save the *.MCX file to your machine.

Importing MCX files

Using the import button an MCX file can be imported. The MCX module keeps a history of all imported and exported MCX files. Double-clicking a line opens up the detail page for the exchanged files.

Note: MCX files can contain PQI information, including MeasureColor Reports server URLs. Make sure you are connected to the internet when importing MCX files or adding the Reports server fails.