Before you start

Run the installer

  • Make sure you are logged on as Windows Admin
  • Run the installer by double-clicking and confirming

Step 1: Start

Please confirm you want to install

Step 2: Installing prerequisites

The installer checks if all prerequisites are present and might install when needed. Please follow the instructions on the screen. When a third-party installer asks to reboot the machine, please do so and re-run the Reports installer again.

Step 3: Start the Setup Wizard

Please click next to start the Setup Wizard

Step 4: Accept the license terms

Please accept the license terms by clicking next

Step 5: Select the Installation folder

Step 6: Set the server bindings setting

The default setting is 3200, only change this when there is a need to do so

Step 7: Ready to install

Step 8a: Connect to the database server (Corporate install, external database server)

Select 'Install database on a remote server'

Now select 'Migrate existing database' on the left-hand menu

Skip to step 9

Step 8b: Create a local database needed for SQLEXPRESS (Standalone / DEMO install)

  1. You can download a Microsoft SQLEXPRESS installer using the green button (Download and install SQL installer)
  2. If you already have a suitable SQLEXPRESS installer you can click the grey button to point to the installer on your disk

Wait until the SQL installer has finished.

Step 9: Migrations

This step will update the database, click 'Run migrations' to resume

Note: If you are updating an existing Reports, or using an SQLEXPRESS, the connection strings should be automatically pre-filled, do not change

  • When needed (red crosses), fill in the connection string to connect to the prepared Reports database, the green check marks will confirm that the string you enter is valid
  • If a red cross is shown instead of the green check mark no connection can be made, review the data string, and try the Add TrustServerCertificate check box
  • Run the migrations with the green button

Step 10: Launch Reports!

Use the green button to Launch Reports (it will open in your default browser)

Step 11: Let's get started

Step 12: Create systemadmin account

Create a system admin account and please hold on to your newly created credentials as you need them to log in.

Step 13: Log in to Reports

Use your system admin credentials to log in

Step 14: License activation

Step 15: Use the credentials from your voucher to claim your license

Please fill in the email address and license key as found on your software license voucher

Setup the email configuration

In order to use the full potential of MeasureColor reports, like sending password resets and invites, it is vital to correctly set up the email configuration. Go to Settings → Mail

Please consult your email provider for the correct settings for sending emails. Use the [Send test mail] button to check all settings are working as intended.

Connect to a MeasureColor server

  • Go to Settings → Data → MeasureColor
  • Click the [+ New Connection] button
  • Give the connection a name

  • Copy the connection key
  • Open the MeasureColor System management module
  • Go to MeasureColor Reports → External Reports
  • Click the green [Add] button

  • Select 'MeasureColor Reports' as type
  • Give the connection a unique name
  • Use the URL of the Reports server
  • Paste the Verification Token you copied from the Reports connection page
  • You can test the connection with the [Test Connection] button
  • Don't forget to save the connection with the [Create connection] button