Reduce time and waste

Depending on the size or your production, you can save thousend of dollars ($$$) per month, per day or even per hour if you use a simple and effective tool like MeasureColor. Many customers have earned back their MeasureColor investment in less then a month!

In the last years many of our customers have struggled with the question how to reduce their cost and optimize their print production and be ready for the future. You can imagine it is not an easy job to introduce a new way or working for all the people involved in the printing process.

But our customers have seen the impact of the implementation of MeasureColor. After a short product implementation period people got familiarized with the product, started using the tools and were able to reduce the make-ready time to a minimum, sometimes to 25% of their original make-ready time.

How would this implementation fit your production? Please have a look at our Return On Investment calculatorĀ here.

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