Production optimization

MeasureColor has multiple modules and views to present the production process to the press operator. It measures a broad variety of color elements and adapts its user interface to the specific print process you use. It can utilize your choice of colorbar such that if your device can measure it, MeasureColor can handle it.

You now can quickly analyze color per ink zone (offset production), any type of QA color bar (Ugra/Fogra, IDEALLIANCE, custom) or spot and provide detailed information about current print production quality, color gamut, dot gain, gray balance, substrate, spot colors and much more.

Press operators can use it to maintain a consistent production quality, manually or in closed loop control.

Print room and QA managers can use it to track color quality on a per job basis or to monitor long-term performance. If you have the data, you now can analyze all aspects of the color, see issues and trends and take corrective actions. You now can optimize your print production