MeasureColor for Offset

The MeasureColor product is very well suited to control color for the Offset printing process. The MeasureColor Process Control module is the key tool for the offset press operator. It measures a broad variety of color elements and adapts its user interface to the specific need of the process operator. It can utilize your choice of colorbar such that if your device can measure it, MeasureColor can handle it. MeasureColor can drive most industry standard devices natively like the Techkon SpectroDens, SpectroJet and SpectroDrive, X-Rite EyeOne, 530/939 series, SpectroEye, eXact, and Intellitrax S. The system is also capable of importing measurement files from Komori PDC/SII and Heidelberg ImageControl systems as well.

Press operators can use it to maintain a consistent production quality, manually or in closed loop control. We connect directly to Rutherford AutoPilot, DI Inkzone Loop, and Printflow so that we can run most systems in the marketplace without difficulty.