No more guesswork

Printing the right colors for your customer is the challenge of every printer. But how do you know if the colors are correct, and what can you do to improve the colors if needed?

We all know the situation in many printrooms in the world. Many press operators compare the colors of the print production with the supplied proof and they need to decide how the colors should be adjusted based on their experience. If these people do their job right, they are invaluable for the company. But what if this experienced press operator is not available today or tomorrow? And what to do if a similar job has to be printed on another press, on another location. How can we control these colors?

With MeasureColor you have an objective tool to measure and compare the colors of your print jobs anywhere and anytime. Let the ChromaTrack function in MeasureColor advise you what to do with your ink or density to optimize the colors of your print job.