Flexo & Gravure

Flexographic and Gravure printers have many challenges to work with. Customers increase pressure and force printing according to international color standards. Production should be more predictable and more stable. Repeat orders should be identical. Labels on flexible foil should match the print on folding carton boxes. Many things to work on.

Color references are typically measured and agreed on during pre-production meetings. Once the targets are set, MeasureColor assures everybody is using the same data in production.

Flexo Process Views


The Flexo process views show color differences across the flexo web. You can choose between either left-right (narrow web) or left-middle-right (wide web) views for solids and midtone TVI.
The press operator can therefore check for color consistency and anilox pressure differences. Of course, all color details and spectral analysis views are available by the touch of a button.


The Flexo Process view assists the press operator in making the right decisions fast.