Digital print

MeasureColor is a great tool to measure quality performance in digital print. The system still measures all aspects of color like spectral curve, CIE-Lab, dot gain a-like behavior, solid densities and spectral gray balance. Depending on the type of user, the results can be displayed in a different way.

Machine operators are typically not extensively trained in spectral color analysis and color management, so we simply show them a traffic light that visualizes the overall quality of the print.

Special landing view for digital print operators
Special landing view for digital print operators

Very easy to understand and to work with

  • Green – production can continue because all values are calculated within tolerances.
  • Yellow – the operator needs to re-calibrate the machine
  • Red – a color specialist needs to come as there are many issues with the color performance.

The exact behavior of the traffic light can be tweaked per situation by a system administrator.


QA managers and color specialists can review all aspects of color via the normal Gamut, Dot gain, Spot and Trending views without re-measuring the printed samples. All data is centrally stored in the database and presented in an optimized way for each user.

What one of our digital printer customer says:

It was our challenge to maintain production quality over time. Sudden solid densities, dotgain and greybalance variations were causing unexpected errors in print production, leading to many customer complaints. We started measuring with MeasureColor and we were able to quickly find the cause of the errors. Because we now could implement our corrective actions almost immediately, we were able to reduce the complaint percentage from 3,26% to 0,91% within 6 months. Besides this major improvement, we now can see trends of the color behavior of our machines. We are now able to pro-actively service our machines or inform our supplier quickly of possible color problems.