Process Control

Depending on the user, the results of a scanned or measured color can be displayed in a customized way.

Machine operators just measure a color bar and MeasureColor shows an understandable view that visualizes the overall quality of the print. The parameters are presented in such a way that the printer intuitional  understands what to do to optimize the print quality. At the same time all data is centrally stored in the database for further process analysis or for a customer job quality report

Quality Assurance managers and color specialists can review all aspects of color via the Gamut, Dot gain, Spot, and Trending views without remeasuring the printed samples. MeasureColor examines all aspects of color from Spectral Curve, CIE-Lab, Dot Gain, Spectral Gray Balance, Solid Ink Densities, and Overprints for Process, Spot, and Extended Gamut Colors. By clicking on a specific job, color or ink zone, the color specialist can analyze all aspects of any measured color.