Imagine a print process beyond color issues


Achieve accurate color!

Using MeasureColor and MeasureColor Reports provides the end-to-end solution for accurate color reproduction and conformance reporting. Now you can satisfy your internal needs for process control and your external data reporting requirements without having to manage multiple systems. Here are some of the segments and audiences our solutions currently serve:

Process Control:

Maintaining process control during print production is the most significant challenge to achieving accurate color during the print run. Operators are tasked with managing many information systems and have limited time to focus on color measurement, making rapid understanding of print quality data crucial to the timely correction of the press. To aide this challenge, MeasureColor has implemented four unique interface views to communicate exactly what the operator needs to know in the smallest amount of time. MeasureColor is an ideal solution for process control in its ability to look the part and relate to the operators of specific print processes like Digital, Offset, Flexo, Gravure, and Wide Format.

  • Digital Print Process View – Provides a red, yellow, and green traffic light style indicator to simplify overall color quality.
  • Offset Print Inkzone View – Displays graphs for each inkzone per color to highlight what needs the most correction first.
  • Gamut View – Offers a dashboard of all critical print attributes including density, dot gain, delta-e, gray balance, and paper color, and more.
  • Flexo View – illustrates up to four sections across the printing web for easy side-by-side comparison.

Quality Assurance:

Verifying and reporting quality assurance has never been more critical than it is today. Internal quality departments are held to auditing production on a daily basis to make sure what the finished product meets the customer’s expectations. Additionally, Continuous Improvement teams seek process simplification and the reduction of time and error introduction in the measurement process.  MeasureColor empowers these teams with the following four solutions that simplify and streamline the quality assurance objectives:

  • MultiSpot Module – Allows the measurement of job colors anywhere on the work without the need for colorbars.
  • Image Module – Directs measurement at specific areas of the printed image identified as critical by the print buyer.
  • Printability Module – Determines the best achievable color match and target density for unique ink/substrate combinations.
  • Spot Color Tool – Provides fast measurement and correction guidance of colors without the need for complete job creation.

Print Buyers:

As a Print Buyer, maintaining your brand image on shelf is of paramount importance. Recent studies have shown that greater than 70% of buying decisions are made in front of the shelf and that there is no leniency for color variation. A package slightly lighter than the rest or off in hue can send signals to the consumer that are not representative to the product inside the box. To minimize this risk, MeasureColor has tailored these solutions specifically with the Print buyer in mind:

  • MeasureColor Reports – Trend, graph, chart, and analyze your complete production data, across nearly infinite variables.
  • Image Module – Provides reporting for specific areas of the printed image identified as critical by the print buyer.
  • Open Data Exchange – Facilitates easy import of data in industry standard formats and the export of Print Quality Data using Idealliance PQX, Phototype PQM, and ColorDrive EPQ.
  • Independent Software – Our focus is software, so we won’t require certain instruments or other premedia services to use our products.

Closed-Loop Color Control:

When printing on a large-format offset press with seven or more colors, it’s easy for an operator to get overwhelmed with all the key changes to make manually by hand. An 8 color, 64in press might have up to 432 key adjustments to make after a single scan, which when adjusted by hand, could take over 10 minutes to complete. At 12,000 impressions an hour, that’s too much time to spend adjusting keys. To solve this, MeasureColor provides integration solutions to the primary closed loop interface providers, Rutherford Graphic Systems and Digital Information. When paired together, our combined solution can greatly increase operator efficiency and free them up for other requirements.

  • Press Console Integration -Pair MeasureColor with RGP of DI systems for direct console communication.
  • MIS Job Setup – Collect job data from plant MIS servers and send to MeasureColor for automatic job creation.
  • Key Presetting – Analyzes job CIP3 files for press presetting and faster make readies and quicker job turns.
  • Simultaneous Correction – Data sent from MeasureColor can be used to move multiple ink units at once, speeding correction times and getting up to color faster.