Software Assurance

MeasureColor Software Assurance Plan

The MeasureColor team is constantly working to improve the software and add great new features. To stay up to date and receive these upgrades we advice our users to subscribe for our MeasureColor Software Assurance Plan (MCSA). With this yearly subscription you will receive the latest upgrades and support for your MeasureColor installations. To start using our MCSA plan we have some conditions and options you need to be aware of.


  • Option 1 (standard): 3-years Software Assurance – only starting at moment of purchasing your seat license
  • Option 2: 1-year Software Assurance – you can order every year


  • If you want your existing license(s) to be covered by an MCSA plan, you first need to upgrade to the latest MC version before you can apply for the MCSA.
  • The 3 year MCSA needs to be purchased at moment of purchase of a seat license or at the moment of purchase of an additional seat license
  • The MeasureColor Software Assurance (MCSA) program is always linked to the license number (server license).
  • If you want MCSA for a certain license, ALL seats belonging to this license number will need to have MCSA with the same end date.
  • When you add an additional seat to a license with MCSA, the total MCSA price is calculated pro rata based on the MCSA end date – this end date is typical 1 or 3 years after the activation of the last added seat

Pricing of MCSA
MCSA for 1 year or MCSA package for a total of 3 years coverage at the moment of purchase a license.

MCSA pricing in Euro (€)

Productfirst 3-years MCSA(add) 1 year
MeasureColor Basic€ 990€ 495
MeasureColor Pro€ 1390€ 695
MeasureColor Flexibles€ 1490€ 745
MeasureColor Pack€ 1980€ 990
MeasureColor Reports
€ 1600€ 800
MeasureColor Reports
€ 3200€ 1600