MeasureColor comes in 4 versions, suited for any color measurement need.

MeasureColor Basic: Balanced set of features for quality analysis and implementing standards

MeasureColor Basic is targeted towards quality managers who need to implement standards and analyze print quality using an balanced set of tools and features.

MeasureColor Pro: Focused on process control

With MeasureColor Pro you get everything from the Basic version plus additional support for ink zone based measurements and export to third party closed-loop systems to drive your press directly. We currently support closed loop solutions from Rutherford, Digital Information, and Printflow. MeasureColor Pro also has extended support for spot colors beyond 4 color process. Additionally, you can import measurement data directly from press consoles like Komori PDC/SII (SVF) and Heidelberg ImageControl (CGATS). MeasureColor Pro also is also capable of performing printability and dry back tests so you know how a particular ink will behave, before production starts. If you are the press operator and you need to view ink zone specific information without needing more than 6 total colors, MeasureColor Pro is your version.

MeasureColor Flexibles: For flexible packaging applications

Flexo- or Gravure press operators have less and different tools at the press to optimize color. That is why Colorware developed MeasureColor Flexibles, for easy presentation and understanding of the relevant measured color data, and suggestions that are logical for flexo or gravure press operators.
MeasureColor Flexibles

MeasureColor Packaging: The premiere solution

MeasureColor Packaging is the premiere solution for the packaging market. All features of the software are available and unlimited. In addition to all the features from Basic and Pro versions, you get additional tools for flexo printing and capabilities to measure and maintain color quality without the need of a color bar. Use MeasureColor Packaging to grab any information about production performance, analyze your custom inks via the printability test module or generate extended trends and statistics for the brand owner. If you serve packaging print buyers, this is the version for you.

Which version do I need?

Base SpecificationsBasicProFlexPack
ChromaTrack - color corrections based on spectral analysis
Local, intranet or cloud based server software
User settings via Web Management Module
Touchscreen support with on-screen keyboard
Main FunctionsBasicProFlexPack
Color Gamut Analysis
ISO12647/GRACoL G7 Measurement Analysis
Flexible scoring system
Delta-E CIE76, CIE94, CIE2000, CMC
Number of Multi Spot Color Analysis481212
Inkzone analysis colors per side68
Dot Gain Analysis
CTP Compensation Curves generation
Spectral Gray Balance Calculations
Gray Balance per Ink Zone
Smart FunctionsBasicProFlexPack
Print Quality Scoring System
Automatic detection and notification of colorstrip defects
Image up to number of colors4612
Automatic job setup
Certification & ReportingBasicProFlexPack
Reporting per print job
Job based statistics & trends
Proof Certification
External Print Quality Reporting connections:
MeasureColor Reports
Schawk ColorDrive
XRite ColorCert Scorecard Server
Paper and Ink Libraries
Custom Color Libraries
Device SupportBasicProFlexPack
Datacolor Check3
Techkon SpectroDens
Techkon SpectroDrive
Techkon SpectroJet
Variable Inc Spectro1
X-Rite 530 & 939
XRite Ci64
X-Rite eXact (Spot & Scan)
X-Rite Eye One Pro 2
X-Rite IntelliTrax
X-Rite Spectro Eye
BST eltromat iPQ Spectraloptionoption
KBA Ergotronicoptionoption
Komori PDC/Soptionoption
Heidelberg ImageControl3optionoption
Color bars & color targetsBasicProFlexPack
Support for IDEAlliance 12647 Wedge
Support for UGRA/ Fogra Media Wedge
Custom color bars
Custom color targets
Export measurement data
Import data from other systems
Closed loop data feed
Export to Ink Formulation