Supported devices

MeasureColor supports a number of spectral devices for your convenience:

Konica Minolta MYIRO-1
The Konica Minolta MYIRO-1 has the same high accuracy as the Konica Minolta FD-9 auto-scan instrument. The MYIRO-1 is a handheld device, and you use it as a spot-measuring device and/or a scan-measuring device. MeasureColor connects both via USB and Wifi.

Techkon SpectroDens
The SpectroDens is your all-purpose, modern measurement device for every application from pre-press to print. Whether it be in pre-print for verifying proofs, for ongoing quality control at the printing press, during delivery inspection of paper and print products or in a color lab, SpectroDens is exceptionally suitable, whatever your application.

X-Rite EyeOne
For professional standard color management, the Eye One Pro from X-Rite is an ideal starting point. The Eye One Pro spectrophotometer is the industry standard for accurate color measurement and high-quality profiling. Photographers, designers, and other color professionals can profile their entire system.

Techkon SpectroDrive
The new TECHKON SpectroDrive, with its automatic color and density measurement capabilities is the perfect solution to substantially increase press productivity by ensuring consistent print-to-print color accuracy throughout the press run.

X-Rite IntelliTrax
The IntelliTrax is the industry’s fastest, smartest line of auto scanning systems for press-side color control. With a variety of options, IntelliTrax allows sheetfed commercial and folding carton printers to maximize productivity and profitability.

Techkon SpectroJet
The new TECHKON SpectroJet, a semi-automatic spectro-densitometer can be used to scan color bars or measure single spots. Like all other Techkon spectro devices, it has a mechanical POL filter that is automatically switched on or off during measurement.

X-Rite 500/900 series & SpectroEye
Many QA managers and flexo printers use these famous hand-held devices and MeasureColor supports them natively as well!

X-Rite Exact series
eXact Scan allows packaging printers to measure small charts and gain instant visibility on the performance of their operations in real time.

Data import
MeasureColor can import and present data directly from Komori PDC/SII and PDC/Sx, Heidelberg ImageControl, KBA Ergotronic, BST eltromat iPQ Spectral among others for correct quality control.