Stream view / Flexibles module

Flexo stream view

For press operators in the flexible packaging market, MeasureColor has several optimized views available.
In the ProcessControl module, the Flexo process view clearly indicates color differences in a single view. The overview shows either left-right (narrow web) or left-middle-right (wide web) differences for solids and midtone TVI. The press operator can therefore check for color consistency and anilox pressure differences. Of course, all color details and spectral analysis views are available by the touch of a button.

MeasureColor’s Flexibles module

Based on user feedback in the flexibles and label industry, we developed a special module that focuses on the flexo operator specifically. After measuring a color bar (single or operator and gear side) all information is shown on screen for immediate reviewing.
MeasureColor’s ChromaTrack best match indicators instantly tell the operator to increase or decrease strength and if color is the same across the web. If a color target cannot be hit without reformulating the ink(s), it is shown on screen as well.

Export for Ink formulation systems

The SpotColor Tool can also export measured information directly to your ink formulation system if you find that the ink recipe needs to be adjusted.