Printability test (offset)

Printability test for offset

When working with color standards like ISO 12647, one of the most difficult quests is to find out how good a particular combination of paper and ink complies to the chosen standard. Also, we normally measure printed sheets in ‘wet’ condition, while all standards are based on dry measured sheets. Your customer will of course also measure dry results!

MeasureColor’s unique printability test, lets you analyze the exact color behavior for a given ink and paper combination. It only takes about 15 seconds to measure a complete paper and ink combination. MeasureColor then knows the best color match and you can simply analyse the dry back behavior of your inks.

The Printability module is great for ink manufacturers and in-house ink labs too. Measure and analyze the color quality of your inks before you start production and use the results to automatically drive your printing machine to the best match!