Operator process view

Process Control Operator view is fully aimed towards operators running MeasureColor during print production. Flexo and gravure operators love the simplicity of the interface which clearly shows which inks must be improved in order to comply with customer expectations.

Like with all Process Control views, MeasureColor converts all the color scientific data into clear operator instructions. The operator view shows solid ink behavior, including imbalance issues between the left and right sides of the roll if required. Furthermore, dot gain behavior is clearly displayed, and operators are warned if dot gain is out of tolerance. Operators can track the job’s score trend from the same overview screen as well.

If needed, all ink-related details can be shown when clicking on any of the individual colors on the main screen.
The popin panel will show all ink details including dot gain specific details. This allows the operator to check the entire ink behavior and correct solid ink transfer or dot gain if needed.

Last but not least, you have the choice to show our ‘traffic light’ indicator which shows a clear pass/warn/fail visual for the entire measurement.