Open for Print Quality Management (PQM)

Benefits for brand owner, premedia and print producer

Today, more and more print buyers require quality assessments being performed during print production. Printers are asked to submit data to a growing number of PQM systems which often leads to the situation where a printer needs to implement and maintain multiple different PQM clients in order to fulfill the needs for all his customers.

At Colorware, we strongly believe in an open world

We also believe that it is not in the benefit of the printer to be forced to maintain all these different PQM systems. In the end we all want the same and that is to measure once and provide that information to our customer on request.
MeasureColor is OPEN where it comes to measuring color and MeasureColor is OPEN where it comes to sending data to print buyers and brand owners. The MeasureColor system allows direct PQM communication to a growing number of PQMs. Colorware supports efforts to standardize the exchange of print quality data.

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