Opacity of white ink

As a flexo or gravure press operator you want to make sure the opacity of the white backing ink is just right. While using spectral measurements to control the amount of process and spot inks, white ink performance is typically measured as opacity.

To low will mean the package contents become visible while trying to achieve an extra high ‘hiding power’ will increase costs seriously. Studies show that white ink can take up to 60% of the total ink consumption and increasing opacity of the ink by as low as 3% can increase white ink consumption by as much as 50%.

Using MeasureColor’s new Opacity feature you can track the performance of your white ink in flexo and gravure printing. This ensures that you’re printing in accordance to customer specification while keeping the process cost-efficient. The best part is that you can measure opacity using the same spectrophotometer that is used to measure color quality. Measuring opacity is integrated in MeasureColor’s production modules for seamless integration in the process control workflow.