MCX: MeasureColor Exchange

Communication of color targets and other required settings between stakeholders is extremely important in our industry. Brand owners, premedia companies , and printers need to have a clear and efficient way to share spectral color targets, agreed tolerance levels and measurement conditions.

The MCX file format (MeasureColor Exchange, an open, readable XML specification created by Colorware) enables MeasureColor users all over the world to share color and print quality specifications with a click on a button.

An MCX contains ALL details that might be needed to measure a print job in the MeasureColor client software. An MCX file is created by exporting a MeasureColor job-preset (ProcessControl, MultiSpot, or Image module). An MCX file can easily be shared to other users via email, or any (online) repository of your choice.

Upon importing an MCX in MeasureColor, we will analyze the contents of the MCX, and add/update any entries in the receiving MeasureColor database automatically. Imported MCX items like color books, measurement conditions and tolerance settings and job presets are automatically locked to ensure agreement with customer specifications.

Besides all technical data like color targets, conditions and tolerances, the MCX also contain additional information about the creator, brand, design specification, and the optional MeasureColor Reports server to where the measured results should be transmitted for further analysis. Other vendors can use the MCX data to extract details that they might need for their (automated) process.

In a second development stage, we will add functionality to create an MCX for any MeasureColor job as well. As the MCX contains ALL MeasureColor job data including spectral color targets, color bar setup, ink rotation, it can be used to help automated job setup for production jobs on printing presses as well. Anything you need to do with the data is allowed.