Job setup/presets

About jobs and measurements

The majority of functions in MeasureColor are job based. A MeasureColor job normally contains all things you need to perform quality analysis like color references, measurement conditions, color bar specifications, etc.

If you use MeasureColor to monitor each printed job in production, a MeasureColor job is typically created per print job. If you use MeasureColor periodically to check color quality, you can create a job for that specific task like ‘monitoring machine stability on coated stock over time’.

Each MeasureColor job holds one or more measurements so in the end you have a complete overview of the production quality for that print job or quality assessment task.

Job setup procedure is made very fast and easy by utilizing ‘Job presets’. Job presets work as a template for your MeasureColor job. They contain all specific details for the task so you are always sure you measure against the right color standards using the proper instrument settings.

Automated (MIS based) job setup

Job setup can be automated too! Please read this article to learn how you can use your MIS or other systems to automate the job setup process entirely.