Ink zone analysis

Tools for the offset operator

MeasureColor has all the tools for the operator to monitor the print run during production. As an operator you can check individual ink ducts, set OK sheets and/or custom color targets, tweak your densities, you name it.

MeasureColor can really speed up the measurement process for offset/lithographic operator and measure all individual ink zones in just a few seconds. MeasureColor will convert all spectrally measured information to an easy to understand presentation of the print quality and tell you how to adjust the ink ducts to optimize the quality of your product.

Ink zone specific corrections are further optimized by using our ChromaTrack best match technology, giving you the best possible color match in no time.

Any instrument

MeasureColor drives most spectral measurement devices directly, without the need of intermediate software. We connect directly to XRite Intellitrax or scanning eXact, Techkon SpectroDrive and SpectroJet. MeasureColor also imports data from selected on-press measurement systems like Komori’s PDC/SII and SX and Heidelberg ImageControl, AxisControl II and others. Compatible measurement devices are: XRite Intellitrax, XRite eXact (scanning), Techkon SpectroJet and Techkon SpectroDrive.


MeasureColor can drive many different closed loop solutions too. Driving your machine in closed loop ensures the most stable and cost efficient production process for your offset/lithographic machine. Read more info on ClosedLoop solutions here.