Will a color bar tell you if this is printed correctly?

Using the new MeasureColor Image module, brand owners will for the first time be able to specify exactly where within a printed design the color should be measured and verified. No more strips, no more spots, you measure the actual real printed color IN the final printed product. This will improve the color quality of the final job and without a color bar or strip you can save on paper material.

From now on print buyers will be able to import a sample of the package design and identify precisely the critical inspection points.

It has long been known that one of the most significant areas of error introduction in color measurement of graphic arts products, is knowing exactly where to take the measurement.

MeasureColor Image will incorporate a simple job set up in pre-production and a simple operational workflow for the press operator. MeasureColor Image allows for the comparison of samples across sheets even with multiple panels of work. In addition, the software allows for the measurement of spot colors, process builds, density and dot values in the designated areas. Multiple types of job reports, including specific location accuracy and job conformance statistics are available.

Quick Specification Overview

  • Up to 12 colors
  • Up to 12 panels
  • Analyze per location and per sample or job
  • Solids, Screens, Builds, Gray Balance, Substrate
  • Delta E per location
  • Improve-color-suggestion per color
  • Compare multiple jobs
  • Report Job Report & Statistics

What versions of MeasureColor Image would you need?

Underneath you can see what MeasureColor product you need – this depends on how many colors you would like to measure, on how many locations in the image and with how many panels.

colors locations panels
MeasureColor Basic 4 4 1
MeasureColor Pro 6 6 3
MeasureColor Pro Pack 12 12 12