GMG OpenColor

As a quality manager, you often face the challenge to use the proper color targets throughout your workflow. Multiple applications are normally used for color profiling, color separation, and digital proofing. It’s your job to make sure your color measurement systems on press and in the QA office use the proper targets at all times.

MeasureColor connects to GMG OpenColor and allows easy transmission of OpenColor targets to MeasureColor. This way you are sure that on press, the same targets can be used as defined in the prepress/proofing phase and everybody is working according the same color standards. The result is a process where ‘running by the numbers’ actually result is a visual match to the digital proof and reduction of waste of course!

OpenColor targets can be imported into MeasureColor’s Reference Manager module with a click on a button. From there, the color targets can be used in any of the MeasureColor modules, like ProcessControl, MultiSpot, Image, Spot Color Tool, etc. MeasureColor can import process colors and spot color libraries separately, depending on how you set up your OpenColor project(s).

MeasureColor’s capabilities to integrate with inline measurement systems like BST eltromat iPQ Spectral in flexo, and closedLoop systems from Rutherford for offset printing guarantee the proper color targets are used automatically.

The OpenColor connection is offered as addOn to your OpenColor license. Please contact your GMG representative for more info on how to add this feature to your OpenColor system.