MeasureColor G7 NPDC analysis

MeasureColor is the ideal production tool to determine if your printing process complies to Idealliance G7 specifications. It includes a set of perfect G7 analysis tools for press operators and quality managers.

When G7 is used, machines are calibrated to comply to G7 specifications (Neutral Print Density Curve (NPDC)).
This is often done by printing specific test charts and use CTP curves to compensate for neutral gray and tonality differences.

In order to check if your print process still complies to G7 specifications during production,
MeasureColor ProcessControl Module includes a set of user oriented tools that help press operators and quality managers print according to G7 speicifactions. G7 can be switched on/off per print job entered in MeasureColor.


The new G7 section holds 2 views/tabs: the Overview and the NPDC detailed view.
The overview is the press operators first guidance as it clearly shows the quality for each of the measured NPDC elements for Black ink and CMY individually. Users can quickly inspect how they are performing to G7 specifications as MeasureColor clearly indicates corrections if needed.

Besides the Neutral Print Density Curve (NPDC, G7 Grayscale), MeasureColor also shows color differences for Process colors and overprint colors (G7 Targeted), all in one convenient overview.

If you wish to investigate in more detail you can either click on a selected patch to view its details or switch to the NPDC view to analyze the complete Neutral Print Density Curve.


The NPDC tab shows the G7 NPDC in more detail, including all deviations and errors in weighted delta-L and weighted delta-Ch.
MeasureColor’s clear interface makes it very easy to understand how you are printing compared to G7 specs and where to correct.

Ink zone Gray Balance view

Our ink zone oriented Gray Balance view automatically switches to G7 mode whenever a G7 job is measured. Operators now have a clear overview on Gray Balance and Black ink behavior for measured mid-tones (Highlight Range), the so called HR-CMY and HR-K patches.

Adapted Gamut view

Whenever you run a job based on G7 specs, MeasureColor’s famous Gamut view also adapts. The default TVI section is now showing tonal corrections needed for both CMYK inks as well as spot colors (not part of G7). The bulls eye graphs clearly shows color deviation for the Gray Balance patches measured.

Adapted Spot detail view

When analyzing G7 specific color patches, the normal Spot view also incorporates G7 metrics like weighted delta-L and weighted delta-Ch. One of the additional benefits is that MeasureColor’s GrayFinder technology clearly shows the difference to a perfect neutral gray balance in CMY percentages, just like operators understand best.

G7 background information

You can find everything you always wanted to know about Idealliance G7 on the Idealliance website at:
Idealliance G7 website