ChromaTrack best match

ChromaTrack best match: no more guesswork

In our daily practice, we try to work with delta-E color differences, but we cannot determine if a color is either too bright or too dark, to Yellowish or too Blue based on a delta-E alone. Although CIE-Lab and CIE-XYZ are already very helpful when analyzing the spectral behavior of a color, they’re not enough to give you a clear advice on how to correct a color.

One of the beautiful technologies in MeasureColor is without a doubt our ChromaTrack best match technology. With ChromaTrack you know what an ink will look like before the “on press” adjustment is done.

This technology makes real time predictive color corrections possible. It simply takes out the last piece of spectral ‘rocket science’ in your print room. In short: no more guesswork for the operator but easy to understand instructions!

Improve on press or adjust ink recipe?

MeasureColor clearly shows the best color match possible for the material and inks used. We show the operator if an improvement can be done on press or if the color recipe is off and the ink needs to be adjusted. All information for the ink formulation system can be exported by a click of a button.