Automated, MIS based job setup

Automated job setup

MeasureColor has a system built-in that enables the creation of MeasureColor jobs automatically. This means the press operator does not lose time and no errors are made where it comes to job specific settings.

The automated job setup works by parsing specific XML files which hold the necessary job details like job number, name, color references, etc. The system is very flexible: the more you can provide in the XML file, the less the operator has to tweak before he can measure.

Ideally, for each production job an XML is generated which holds all job information (or links to a MeasureColor stored preset if the information is not available). When the operator starts his/her job on press, a barcode is scanned to identify the job. MeasureColor’s ProcessControl module then automatically creates the job and the operator can start the measurement process immediately which saves a lot of time and eliminates errors during job setup in MeasureColor.

The XMLs can be generated in many different ways. We have a lot of customers who utilize the power of Esko’s Automation Engine to create those job specifications with 100% success to name just one example.