Automatic SVF Importer

Automatic SVF Importer module

The Automatic SVF importer module automatically stores all measured data from the Intellitrax S (both stand-alone and Komori embedded PDC/SII) directly into MeasureColor. Operator interference is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Measurements, which can be exported automatically from the ITX software, are picked up by MeasureColor and are automatically parsed. New job preparation in MeasureColor is also done automatically. The system has embedded logic to deal with different job settings and (spot) color names to reduce user interaction to an absolute minimum. If the Automatic SVF importer does need additional information from the operator, it becomes the frontmost screen automatically.

We believe the Automatic SVF Importer is an important tool for QA managers to start tracking color data without the need to completely switch over to MeasureColor. Operators can continue to work with their known solutions in production while opening all the powerful quality analysis tools from MeasureColor to the QA manager and print buyer.

Auto SVF Importer module diagram


Automatic job creation based on MeasureColor job presets

When a simple naming convention is used on the ITX workstation, jobs are automatically created in MeasureColor. Just add a partial preset name to the ITX job name and everything else will be setup automatically, without user interaction. If the naming convention is not used, the operator will be prompted after the first scan to provide basic job info. Then, the process will continue fully automatically until a new job is detected.

Color mapping

In order to deal with the possibility of differences in color names between the ITX software and MeasureColor, mappings can be created straight from the module. Any color name found in the SVF can be mapped to it’s counterpart in MeasureColor. SVF files typically contain ‘Black’ where MeasureColor uses ‘K’ as the color name. Color mapping automatically deals with these situations. The color mapping system supports wildcards (*). SVF ‘Pantone *’ and local ‘Pantone® *’ will result in the following: SVF ‘Pantone 286’ is parsed as ‘Pantone® 286’ in MeasureColor.

Unknown color references

The system tries to use color references which are stored in MeasureColor. This way you are guaranteed that all jobs are scored against standardized references. In cases where ITX colors are not available in MeasureColor, the SVF reference for that color is used.