MeasureColor comes in 4 different versions, suited for any need.

1. MeasureColor Reports Standard: adds an extra user login, interesting calender view, ink analysis and some machine (printing press) dashboards
2. MeasureColor Reports Advanced: for use by 10 users, with all views available, including report editing capability
3. MeasureColor Reports Enterprise: get a full grip on production reporting, for multiple sites and servers…

Which version do I need?

Standard Advanced Enterprise
Advanced Search
Favorite Views
Excel (csv) and pdf export
Scheduled pdf’s
1 user
max 2 users
max 10 users
Unlimited users
Design and styles
Custom logo
Custom CSS styles
Edit report layout
Design Custom Reports
Data sources
Single MeasureColor server input
Multiple external data sources
Multiple MeasureColor server input
Dashboards & views
Jobs 12 12 12
Print Room 4 5 5
Company 0 3 3
Customer 0 2 2