Production control

Press operators love the clear overview for each ink zone.

PressView can really speed up the measurement process at the press and measure all individual ink zones in just a few seconds. PressView will convert all measured information to an easy to understand presentation of the print status and tell you how to adjust the ink ducts to improve the quality of your product.Ink zone specific corrections are based upon our ChromaPlus technology, giving you the best possible color match in no time.
If you want, density based corrections are also available.

Flexo process view

Flexo process view shows color differences across the flexo web
For press operators, the Flexo process view clearly indicates color differences in a single view. The overview shows either left-right (narrow web) or left-middle-right (wide web) differences for solids and midtone TVI. The press operator can therefore check for color consistency and anilox pressure differences. Of course, all color details and spectral analysis views are available by the touch of a button.

Special landing view for digital print operators

Machine operators in digital print are typically not extensively trained in spectral color analysis and color management, so we simply show them a traffic light that visualizes the overall quality of the print.