Print quality programs (PQM)

Add metadata to your print jobs. Analyze, report, and share information up and down the supply chain

Printers are asked to submit data to a growing number of PQM systems which often leads to implementing and maintaining multiple different PQM clients to fulfill the needs of all customers.

Shorter packaging life cycles, shorter print runs, faster turnaround times, and increasing travel costs for press side approvals lead to a growing need for more efficient communication throughout our supply chain.

We believe strongly in an open world. MeasureColor uses open standards so everybody in the supply chain – brand owners, printer service providers, designers, quality managers, press operators, etc. – can build integrated exchange and communication with the interest of all stakeholders in mind. Everyone must be able to play their independent part. In the end, we all want the same: measure once and provide that information to ours on request.

MeasureColor uses MCX-technology to exchange print quality requirements. Each MeasureColor job contains detailed PQM information to enable print quality analysis of individual jobs, benchmark stakeholders’ performance in the supply chain, and identify trends to optimize global processes. MeasureColor also supports PQX (ISO 20616-2:2020) and has an API to exchange data with 3rd-party premedia customer relationship platforms.