Opacity of white ink

Measure opacity of white ink and find the right balance between cost and opacity

When printing on transparent substrates, you often want to make sure the opacity of the white ink is exactly right. When it is too low, the package content becomes visible. Trying to achieve an extra high ‘hiding power’ increases costs enormously.

Often white ink takes up to 60% to 100% of area coverage of the printed package. Increasing opacity of white ink by no more than 3% can increase white ink consumption, and therefore cost, by as much as 50%.

While using spectral measurements to control process and spot color inks, white ink performance is typically measured as opacity. With MeasureColor’s Opacity feature, you check the opacity white ink. This ensures that you’re printing following the customer’s specifications while keeping the process cost-efficient. You measure opacity using the same spectrophotometer that is used to measure color.