MeasureColor Reports

The more data you collect, the better you understand the process

Measurement data collected during the printing process is critical to continuous process improvement. MeasureColor Reports aggregates all measurements coming from color bar measurements, individual color patches, or measurements in the image area. Choose from a wide variety of graphs to represent your data in the way it makes the most sense for you. Modify search results, data interaction, and visualizations entirely to your specific needs.

You access your print quality reports straight from a web browser. There is no need to install additional software. The MeasureColor Reports server is installed in your environment, so you own and control all the data. You decide which data is accessible for others.

MeasureColor Reports has several auto-refreshing dashboards installed by default. Dashboards typically show the live status of several aspects of your process. Reports and dashboards are interactive, so you can easily zoom in on the details to analyze and learn.

As MeasureColor Reports allows multiple data sources to be connected, it is possible to generate custom dashboards to monitor other KPIs. Add temperature sensors, recorded production delays, MIS/ERP info; you name it!

MeasureColor Reports serves brand owners, pre-media agencies, and print suppliers alike.