Customer stories


Increased quality and productivity and profits

“Since the introduction of MeasureColor, Global Packaging entered a new era with our ability to have essential communication about color management. Here’s clear testimony about how strongly we believe this cost-effective tool dramatically increased quality and productivity and profits. With the scanning device coupled to the MeasureColor software, press operators now gain access to critical data within seconds. No longer requiring the patch by patch analysis that would have often allowed no time to take any corrective action steering a production run towards target values. With the ever increasing demands of brand owners for higher quality printing of shorter print runs we needed an effective program like MeasureColor was offering.”
“We particularly commend the user friendly dashboard that made the introduction to the production floor extremely smooth. At Global we go to great lengths to satisfy our clients and the reporting capabilities that MeasureColor offers supports those efforts with stunning results. Within the wide web flexo market we are very proud to say we lead the pack by delivering an outstanding product and we do it up right with Measure Color.”

– Ed McMahon, Graphics Manager at Global Packaging

Get on target and stay there with consistency”

“Customer Service seems to be a bit of a lost art and that is unfortunate because it goes a long way. Your customer service has been fantastic, especially helping us with this self-inflicted issue. We appreciated it.”
“Here are a couple of the things we like best about MeasureColor. MeasureColor has helped us save time on press with color correction, it allows us to make quick and precise color adjustments in a way that is easy to use and understand. We are able to get on target and stay there with consistency.”
“Navigating through color space can sometimes be very difficult and confusing, MeasureColor has made it easier for our Press Operators to reach Delta E targets and has given them the tools they need for repeatability from run to run.”

Doug Stechman, Production Manager at BCI Packaging, All Size Division

No more trial and error”

“MeasureColor overall is a fantastic tool to help press operators dial in specifically to what may need to be adjusted on press. Be it ink, dot gain, DE or other factors, these are easily identified to achieve lower makeready costs, waste and overall consistent production. There is no more trial and error and overall quality has improved because of it.”
“The data collecting and reporting capabilities are phenomenal. We can easily access data and review by press, by shift, by run type and identify trends and monitor overall quality and production. This becomes an added value especially in the ever changing world where communicating color and quality becomes the norm.”
“I really love how MeasureColor integrated easily into my existing press room set ups. It was literally a few hours to install on several presses across the pressroom and we were fully operational soon thereafter. The training and support is outstanding allowing us to explore ideas for future upgrades. The team is open to feedback and ideas which only helps the product evolve taking into consideration the ever changing demands of our customers. Fantastic group for sure.”

Mark Aurelius, Litho Color Manager at Fort Dearborn Company

Easy to use and intuitive in operation”

“This solution brings together in one product the capabilities to control our proofing systems, digital presses, and offset presses to ensure they are all providing the customer’s targeted color match. This platform will also eliminate our need to train on different products for each production method while additionally using the measurement instrumentation of our choice from multiple manufacturers.”
“One of the problems today is the complexity and difficulty in using the current software products available to pre-press and pressroom personnel. It is clear that MeasureColor products were designed with the intent that they be easy to use and intuitive in their operation. We expect to quickly see a large increase in pressroom efficiency and quality of our printed material based upon the ease of understanding the MeasureColor recommended color adjustments.”

Bryan Swift, President at Swift Print Communications

If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it!”

“Implementing MeasureColor has done several significant things for us. First off, it has allowed for the real-time feedback to operators so they can more quickly and effectively adjust ink keys across the entire form…and with data for each and every ink key zone…no more sub-sampling.”
“Second, the diagnostics serve both to help the operator optimize the ink film thickness for the closest colorimetric match (ChromaTrack) and help them diagnose and troubleshoot print quality problems very quickly when they arise.”
“And finally, MeasureColor enables us to feed into a number of print quality reporting systems, for both internal use and customer-facing purposes. If you can’t measure it (and report it), you can’t control it!”

Bill Pope, Director of Graphic Reproduction Excellence at Caraustar

Improved processes and traceability”

“Measure Color has been a great asset for many of our key clients. The system’s capability for precision and traceability has improved processes and traceability. We absolutely love you, your team, and the product!”

Amanda Hudson, Business Support Manager at Poteet Printing Systems, LLC

Keep color more accurate and consistent”

“Since we have installed Measure Color at our Company. Our make ready times have vastly improved. Using the Measure Color tools has allowed us to keep the color more accurate and consistent throughout the press run. The Measure Color tools are simple and easy to use for our Press operators.”

Jeff, Prepress Manager of a global flexographic printing company