Color bars

We at Colorware believe in open standards so PressView is compatible with the majority of color strips in the field. These include many industry standard and customized process control bars, proofing wedges and many spot color wedges. Please consult our technical support department for more information on the use of customer specific color strips within PressView. We are happy to help you!
Do you want to work with your own color bar? No problem. PressView includes a sophisticated Color bar editor. With this tool you can work with almost any color bar.

UGRA/Fogra MediaWedge CMYK V3.0 – for Proof Certification

The Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge CMYK is the standard tool for controlling the color transformation from data to digital proof or printing. You should use this strip to have a commonly accepted certification of your proof. With the Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge CMYK the target values for standard print procedures and paper types are supplied.

Pressview Proofing Wedge 3x – for Proof Certification

The PressView Proofing Wedge 3x is available and is a free of charge Media Wedge. Its carefully selected color patches are wide-spread across the color space. You can use this strip to certify your proof according to the ISO 12647-7 standard.