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NEW in MeasureColor 21.3

New Operator View – There’s no time to waste Press operators are not color scientists, so don’t expect them to understand complex Lab-graphs, Lch-plots, or meaningless ∆E deviations. They don’t have time to translate the complex color science stuff into corrective actions. Operators need straightforward answers to the questions: Can I fix the problem quickly … Read more

New in MeasureColor 21.2

We believe customer feedback is the most important part of MeasureColor. Your much-appreciated input has turned into many substantial updates in our latest release. MultiSpot In many cases, there is no space for a color bar to measure colors, especially in flexible packaging and label printing. The MeasureColor MultiSpot module allows our customers to measure … Read more

New in MeasureColor Reports 21.2

Exchange and share Printing companies collect detailed measurements from many different aspects of the printing process (dot gain, overprint, gray balance, color accuracy, ISO/G7 compliance, etc.). Comprehensive information is valuable to them because it helps to analyze and improve process consistency. Of course, some of this information is proprietary and should not be shared: it’s … Read more

New in MeasureColor 21.1

GMG OpenColor Connector: You want to match the right color targets, and therefore customer’s expectations on the press…..

Newsletter November 2020

NEW in MeasureColor 20.3 Support for Konica Minolta MYIRO-1 The Konica Minolta MYIRO-1 is a handheld device, and you use it as a spot-measuring device and/or a scan-measuring device. It has the same high accuracy as the Konica Minolta FD-9 auto-scan instrument.  MeasureColor connects to the MYIRO-1via USB and WIFI. Connection to Signal Tower KombiSIGN … Read more

Newsletter MeasureColor October 2020

Colorware Team expands! Behind our MeasureColor technology stands a team of highly qualified and dedicated smart developers. Recently two junior developers joined the team: Marcel Stassen and Jorden van Vegten. Marcel graduated from the university in Computer Science and has experience with several programming languages. He is quality-focused, is a good communicator who enjoys multitasking, … Read more

MeasureColor 20.2 to feature enhanced data submission capability to X-Rite ColorCert ScoreCard Server to satisfy brand quality review requirements.

Colorware is pleased to announce MeasureColor version 20.2 will offer new automation and increased submission efficiency via licensed API technology from X-Rite. Printers who need to submit print quality data to brand print buyers using MeasureColor can now do so directly from within our application without the need to export measurements. Combined with our integrated … Read more

New releases MeasureColor 20.1 and MeasureColor Reports 20.1


Customer-driven enhancements power MeasureColor 20.1 release

The best application in color management just got better. As of today, the new release of MeasureColor 20.1 is available, with lots of new features and improvements based on user requests, and extensive research and development.

One of the highlights is the support of Spectro 1, a pocket-size spectro device, making professional quality management widely available in the entire production chain. By popular demand of our users, we have also added enhancements for X-Rite eXact AutoScan, which now measures patches as small as 3mm.

With MeasureColor 20.1, Spot color target matching during job set up has been made easier. Simply select a Color book in the Color and Inks dialog, measure a physical sample and MeasureColor will find the nearest target within the book. At the same time, the result of jobs with target colors that are not defined in a database Color Book (such as PantoneLIVE targets) is transferred to MeasureColor Reports. From now on you always have the right data at your fingertips. Under the hood, there are numerous improvements and small adjustments which will make life even easier. We are constantly listening to our users’ wishes and demands and we keep looking for new ways to improve the user interface. And we are happy to announce that version 20.1 is the best releases of MeasureColor ever.

Support for Spectro 1, changing the world of color
The next big thing in color management is actually very small. Spectro 1 is a pocket-size compact and affordable tool for accurately measuring and communicating color at the professional and industrial levels. The Bluetooth enabled-instrument is app compatible and lets you easily measure, save, and share powerful color data. With the new release of MeasureColor 20.1 we now support the Spectro 1. Combined with the overwhelming list of features of MeasureColor 20.1, the Spectro 1 brings you quality management at a professional level. In production environments where spectrophotometers are available at any time for everyone, MeasureColor 20.1 can be used to its full potential. Consensus about color quality will be easier to achieve than ever before, making life easier for both brand owners, quality managers and operators. More information: MeasureColor 20.1 features

MeasureColor Reports 20.1: the independent communicator
From day one, the development of MeasureColor Reports has been aimed at independent color communication – leaving it up to our users to choose freely the devices, partners and software they prefer to work with.

MeasureColor Reports 20.1 supports the independent standard PQX (Print Quality eXchange/ISO 20616-2). This XML specification standardizes the exchange of print quality data in a way that is similar to the popular format CxF/X. The adaptation of PQX as an industry standard is growing rapidly. Exporting data in PQX format means that the information can be imported by other PQX compatible systems. By supporting this format, MeasureColor Reports 20.1 promotes the use of PQX, which is the perfect way for vendor and device-independent communication in the industry. The support of PQX is just one of many new features introduced in MeasureColor Reports 20.1. The new release also adds new data fields and results for individual samples and summary info. These are added to improve the reporting and analysis capabilities of various (customized) reports.
Apart from the new features and enhancements, many improvements have been added to MeasureColor Reports 20.1. The robustness and responsiveness of the entire system have been improved, as workflow management and quality control require large amounts of data. Situations, where the system manages over 100 GB of data, are not uncommon. That’s why we updated the structure of the Print Room Dashboard an Ink Analysis, enabling faster uploading. The updated SQL queries also speed up the system dramatically.
The easy-to-use MeasureColor Reports 20.1 release gives you complete control of quality management while maintaining the option to independently choose and use the tools you prefer. More information: MeasureColor Reports 20.1 features

Note: Please update your reports server before updating MeasureColor as reports is upwards compatible!

Co-creation benefits us all
Both MeasureColor 20.1 and MeasureColor Reports 20.1 are packed with new features and improvements, most of which were inspired by users of our software. By listening to our clients and conducting thorough research, we are able to offer the solution that fits your production environment best. Your experience is our most valuable input for constant improvement. We believe in customer-driven development. Only by making you part of our R&D efforts, we can come up with solutions that you actually need.
All updates are free and immediately available for MeasureColor users that sign up for our MeasureColor Software Assurance Plan. MCSA-members actively support the MeasureColor community and can be assured to get the right solution tailored to their needs. Come and join our MSCA program and see how MeasureColor fits your production.

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Colorware at LabelExpo 2019

MeasureColor makes Delta-E in label printing Delta Easy! Colorware returns to LabelExpo to take color management in the label industry to the next level with its newly improved MeasureColor. As demand for comprehensive and efficient quality control is growing intensively, MeasureColor brings the right tools, and the ease of use, to close the information gap … Read more

Microsoft ends SQL Server 2008 support

MeasureColor is a client-server based application and makes use of Microsoft SQL server technology. For your information, we want to inform you that Microsoft has decided to stop supporting SQL Server 2008 and 2008R2 from July 9th, 2019: Extended support ended. From that date, your application will probably still be safe and good working, but … Read more

MeasureColor supports X-Rite eXact Autoscan and DataColor Check3

More and more devices supported by MeasureColor By adding support for two more excellent and popular devices, MeasureColor brings its solutions to the production environment in both commercial and packaging print and adjacent markets. From the very beginning, MeasureColor has always been a device-independent end-to-end solution for color management. Colorware, the innovative developer of the … Read more

MeasureColor & ColorCert Scorecard Server

How can I send data from MeasureColor to ColorCert Scorecard Server to meet my print buyer requirements? In the packaging industry today, many printers are asked to provide quality feedback to their customer, the brand owner. Brand owners often use their own solutions for print quality management, which are not typical pressroom tools designed towards … Read more

Feature highlight: ChromaTrack

Take the short route to your target color Measuring color is one thing, changing press settings and adjusting ink zones to obtain the best print result is quite another. Often, getting close to the best match seems to be a matter of trial and error. With MeasureColor’s ChromaTrack there’s no need for that any longer. … Read more

Celebrating 10 years of MeasureColor: We make Delta-E, Delta Easy!

At Drupa 2008, a meeting of dedicated color measurement specialists from the Netherlands and the United States laid the foundation for MeasureColor. In less than a decade, this comprehensive and groundbreaking color measurement system developed into an indispensable tool for quality assurance and process control to some of the largest printing companies in the world. … Read more

Measurecolor 18.2 centralizes color communication

 MeasureColor 18.2 is the most efficient, user friendly and versatile release of Colorware’s flagship color management solution ever. With numerous enhancements, MeasureColor 18.2 will improve your workflow, functioning as a color hub in your production environment. MeasureColor Reports will be the center of your quality management, giving you complete control over all your color processes. … Read more

Upgrading MeasureColor easier than ever

  Upgrading to our latest release of MeasureColor 17.2 offers major advantages for multi-seat users. From now on updating is a breeze. And what’s more: we have also included enhanced device support. Upgrade policy All MeasureColor registered users who have a valid MeasureColor Software Agreement (MCSA) can upgrade for free. This includes new users who bought MeasureColor … Read more

MeasureColor: Added value for Premedia companies

The challenge: monitoring print quality efficiently In order to meet the quality expectation of their customers, Premedia companies today often face the time consuming task of monitoring print quality at their assigned printers all over the world. In a number of cases it means somebody is traveling to the remote printing location, samples need to be … Read more

Now available: MeasureColor 16.2 packed with new features

Colorware is proud to announce MeasureColor 16.2. Available from November 25th, 2016, this new release is packed with new features and enhancements. Living up to our vision to promote open standards for print quality communication, MeasureColor 16.2 has a strong focus on data exchange with 3rd party systems. We added official support for XRite’s new … Read more

Colorware’s best Drupa Ever

– Press Release- Colorware at Drupa 2016 in retrospect: Supporting device independent color management for Print & Packaging Professionals Successful launch of print quality reporting system MeasureColor Reports New business opportunities for brand owners and print managers “Colorware’s best Drupa ever” Wassenaar (The Netherlands), june 2016 – Colorware, the innovative developer of the high quality … Read more

Colorware launches MeasureColor Reports at Drupa

– Press Release – Colorware presents: Print Quality Reporting for Print & Packaging Professionals Improving the information exchange between printers and print service providers Colorware launches MeasureColor Reports at Drupa   Wassenaar (The Netherlands), June 2016 – Immediate access to production status updates and real time information about quality consistency are now reality. MeasureColor Reports, … Read more

The next step in color communication

– Press Release- Colorware presents: Easy to use and device independent color management for Print & Packaging Professionals   – Color management specialist Erik Koldenhof on stage at the Drupa Innovation Park 2016: “Embrace open standards for print quality communication”   The next step in color communication   Wassenaar (The Netherlands), May 2016 – “If … Read more

MeasureColor 16.1 available!

Colorware is proud to announce the release of MeasureColor 16.1, the leading color quality solution for print & packaging professionals. MeasureColor 16 is probably our biggest upgrade ever with many new features that have been requested by our customers over the last year. 2016 Is also the year where we gradually change the ‘PressView’ product name … Read more

2016: The PressView product name changes to MeasureColor!

In the USA, our PressView software is known under the name ‘MeasureColor’. Since the introduction early 2009 MeasureColor has quickly become one of the leading color quality solutions for the US packaging market. MeasureColor’s great success in the USA spread out all over the world which sometimes lead to confusion among (new) customers world wide. … Read more

Pressview at Graphics of Americas Expo

Do you want to see PressView live? We will show our latest PressView product at the Graphics of Americas Expo. You can find us at the GMG booth, number 914, from February 26-28, 2015 Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL More info can be found at:

Announcing PressView 15.1

  Available from January 5th, 2015 Colorware is driven to provide you with the best print quality software available on the market. Our customers world wide value our direct response to industry changes and speed of feature implementations. To help our customers respond to rapidly changing markets and print quality requests even faster, Colorware releases … Read more

PressView at IPEX 2014

March 2014 From 24th – 29th of March, Colorware will be exhibiting at IPEX 2014. This event is being held at ExCel in London, UK. You can find us at stand N2-B212. At IPEX 2014 PressView wil be on display, including the new Image module for measuring quality scores without colorbars. With PressView Image you now can specify exactly where … Read more

Egisa Printing Company says

Carlos Labori – CEO of Egisa Packaging Company in Spain says: “The PressView Software finally allows us to manage color easily and systematically.”   EGISA is an actor in the world of beauty and lux in the packaging sector since 50 years. The objective is: create high value folding-boxes! Since 2013 the Egisa professionals work with … Read more

PressView integration with PantoneLIVE

press release Oct. 4 2013 Colorware B.V. announces PressView Software to tap into the PantoneLIVE ecosystem Wassenaar, The Netherlands, October 4, 2013 – Colorware B.V. has reached an agreement with X-Rite Incorporated and its wholly owned subsidiary Pantone LLC to integrate PantoneLIVE™ Color Libraries into their PressView software. “PantoneLIVE will help commercial and digital printers, … Read more

Colorware & MeasureColor at PRINT 13

August 2013   From 8th – 12th of September 2013, Colorware will be exhibiting some exciting new MeasureColor Color Quality Products at PRINT 13 in Chicago, USA. MeasureColor is the product name of the PressView Colorware products in the USA. At this PRINT Chicago event Colorware will launch some exciting new features of MeasureColor, including … Read more

MeasureColor 4 on display at InfoFlex 2013

22 April 2013   Colorware’s sister company MeasureColor Inc. will be displaying the newest MeasureColor release at InfoFlex 2013. This newest release, MeasureColor Version 4, is a blazingly fast new Windows Server based software offering the industry’s most comprehensive suite of software and hardware solutions for brand color management and pressroom color control.   With … Read more

PressView Version 4 now available

4 February 2013   Colorware has released a brand new PressView version for Print Quality Control: PressView version 4. With the new PressView 4 you can measure, analyze and score the color quality of your print production within seconds, anywhere, anytime. The new PressView 4 software is easy to install and has almost unlimited functions and features to help you analyze your … Read more

Time-out error during MSSQL Server installation

Some users reported a time-out error during the MSSQL Server installation which lead to an incomplete installation of PressView. In most cases, DotNet 3.5 SP1 was missing on that computer and while the MSSQL Server installer should detect and install DotNet 3.5 SP1 automatically, it didn’t. If you encounter these time-out errors during installation, please … Read more

PressView 4 requires NEW license codes!

Dear users, Please note that if you wish to upgrade to PressView 4, you also need to request a new license code. In order to upgrade your license, please provide us with the following information: – PressView 3 License code (voucher.pdf) or Serial number (3 or 4 digit code as shown in the License Info … Read more

PressView 4 upgrade information

NEW Spot Color scatter view in PressView 4 21 January 2013 It is a pleasure to inform you that the new PressView 4 is now ready for shipment worldwide. Please take this opportunity to install PressView 4 on your computer and get to know the product. You might also want to check the new QuickStart manuals that are installed with … Read more

Schawk, Inc Launches ColorDrive

press release Oct. 9, 2012 Schawk, Inc. Launches ColorDrive, the Industry’s First Cloud-Based, Print-Quality Management Platform Synchronizes Color Performance Goals in Package Printing CHICAGO, IL, Oct 9, 2012  — Schawk, Inc., a leading provider of brand development and deployment services, enabling companies of all sizes to connect their brands with consumers, announced that it has … Read more

MeasureColor 4 at Graph Expo

GREENVILLE, SC. Colorware’s sister company MeasureColor Inc., will be releasing in October their latest version of the industry leading graphic arts software product at Graph Expo and Pack Expo trade shows in Chicago, IL. This new version, called MeasureColor 4, includes dozens of enhancements and operational improvements requested by our almost 500 worldwide users. Among … Read more

PressView 4 available soon

Wassenaar (The Netherlands), September 2012 The Colorware developing team is working hard to get the new PressView release ready for all our customers soon. We expect to be ready in November 2012! Main changes and improvements: Windows server – The PressView 4 server is now based on Windows. This server replaces the Linux based server … Read more

PressView Printability Test Suite

Wassenaar (The Netherlands), February 2012 Printers need to always be in control of color, and print according to quality standards like ISO 12647 or GRACol. But how do you automatically achieve the best result possible, when every ink and substrate combination is different? ColorWare takes the guesswork out of color control, by launching the PressView … Read more