Operator tools offset

Signal Tower support

MeasureColor connects to the Werma KombiSIGN 72 signal tower via USB. The press operator can take action immediately without sitting in front of the MeasureColor monitor.

MeasureColor G7 NPDC analysis

MeasureColor is the ideal production tool to determine if your printing process complies to Idealliance G7 specifications. It includes a set of perfect G7 analysis tools for press operators and quality managers.

Supported devices

MeasureColor supports a number of spectral devices for your convenience.

Closed loop support

Automate ink key corrections via tight integration with third party closed loop systems.

Job trends

The trends and statistics function lets you analyze the quality of (larger) production jobs.

Gamut view

PressView’s Gamut view shows all important information for the QA manager and advanced machine operator in a clear and simple way.