Automation via job ID

After some time, your database gets filled with thousands and thousands of jobs and measurements. QA managers normally have to search the database for a specific job and measurement to check. If a reprint is needed, the press operator normally searches for the old job and ok sheet and duplicates the data as the default for the new production.

PressView is optimized to support any type of bar code or QR code to identify measurements in your database.
Just use a industry standard scanner to scan job jackets, batch information or any other identifiyng barcode.
You can add them to jobs and/or measurements and retreive instantly using the new filter/seach techniques in each job list.

This simple technique adds great functionality to your system. When PressView jobs are prepared before actual production, the press operator just scans the QR code and he is ready to start production. Reprint a job and looking for the original color reference in the database? Not an issue anymore with QR or bar codes. Quality managers can now simply reload the measured production data without any database search efforts.