Colorware at LabelExpo 2019

MeasureColor makes Delta-E in label printing Delta Easy! Colorware returns to LabelExpo to take color management in the label industry to the next level with its newly improved MeasureColor. As demand for comprehensive and efficient quality control is growing intensively, MeasureColor brings the right tools, and the ease of use, to close the information gap … Read more

Microsoft ends SQL Server 2008 support

MeasureColor is a client-server based application and makes use of Microsoft SQL server technology. For your information, we want to inform you that Microsoft has decided to stop supporting SQL Server 2008 and 2008R2 from July 9th, 2019: Extended support ended. From that date, your application will probably still be safe and good working, but … Read more

MeasureColor supports X-Rite eXact Autoscan and DataColor Check3

More and more devices supported by MeasureColor By adding support for two more excellent and popular devices, MeasureColor brings its solutions to the production environment in both commercial and packaging print and adjacent markets. From the very beginning, MeasureColor has always been a device-independent end-to-end solution for color management. Colorware, the innovative developer of the … Read more

MeasureColor & ColorCert Scorecard Server

How can I send data from MeasureColor to ColorCert Scorecard Server to meet my print buyer requirements? In the packaging industry today, many printers are asked to provide quality feedback to their customer, the brand owner. Brand owners often use their own solutions for print quality management, which are not typical pressroom tools designed towards … Read more

Celebrating 10 years of MeasureColor: We make Delta-E, Delta Easy!

At Drupa 2008, a meeting of dedicated color measurement specialists from the Netherlands and the United States laid the foundation for MeasureColor. In less than a decade, this comprehensive and groundbreaking color measurement system developed into an indispensable tool for quality assurance and process control to some of the largest printing companies in the world. … Read more

Measurecolor 18.2 centralizes color communication

 MeasureColor 18.2 is the most efficient, user friendly and versatile release of Colorware’s flagship color management solution ever. With numerous enhancements, MeasureColor 18.2 will improve your workflow, functioning as a color hub in your production environment. MeasureColor Reports will be the center of your quality management, giving you complete control over all your color processes. … Read more