Athena Graphics

A fantastic business case with Athena Graphics

MeasureColor is known for its print process optimization capabilities and the power of its print quality reporting. The Belgian design-to-print company Athena Graphics has incorporated MeasureColor technology into its ProCure services. More and more Belgian, Dutch, and French printing companies benefit from this ProCure service and the know-how of the Athena Graphics team.

The ProCure service program helps printing companies update their fingerprints and focus on measuring colors during every print run. Color bar measurements show the press is still running within spec. MeasureColor user interface helps press operators understand where and how to improve quickly. Athena Graphics and ProCure help print companies stabilize the print process variations, reduce make-ready waste, and increase productivity quickly.

Ignace Cosaert, Managing Director of Athena Graphics, clarifies: “Our technical expertise center combines optimization, standardization, and automation to offer the most suitable solution. With proCure, you measure various printing processes and gain insight into production environments. We digitize printing processes and add intuitive instructions and real-time facts & figures.”

Carlen Claeys, TEC Manager, sees the following key elements within ProCure – powered by MeasureColor:

  • Measure specific points during printing using well-thought-out color bars;
  • Get data and scores from every aspect of the printing process;
  • Optimize, standardize, and automate the production environment, which results in increased productivity;
  • Guarantee the brand identity for your customers;
  • Anticipate more quickly during the printing process and work towards autonomous quality control;
  • Reduce waste and empower the press operator to print faster and with more confidence, improving the ecological footprint.

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