MeasureColor Reports 24.1

What is the importance of PQX

PQX stands for Print Quality eXchange and is an industry standard to exchange print quality measurement data between printing companies and print buyers via a standardized file format. This PQX standard is described in ISO 20616-2 and helps streamline reporting and data analysis on print quality among different stakeholders and across different software platforms.
MeasureColor Reports 24.1 added some additional fields to comply with the latest version of the standard and to better integrate with 3rd party platforms.

Click-through improves correct decisions

The unique power of MeasureColor reports is in the flexibility of how you can click-through on dashboards and reports. This helps to understand how your process runs today, and where you can improve it to reduce your waste and increase efficiency. By clicking on specific areas, you dive deeper into the details of your measurement data to better understand what is going on. This drill-down capability helps you to make more informed decisions.

MeasureColor Reports
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