MeasureColor Reports 23.2

New MultiSpot job report

MultiSpot is a MeasureColor Production module often used in corrugated printing processes. Based on the input of many of our users we have tuned the standard MultiSpot Job report and MultiSpot sequence report to improve its readability and show valuable information for job and sequence measurements analysis.

Overview MC MultiSpot

System Administration

“It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it” → IT maintenance.

As a user of MeasureColor Reports you would like to be warned when your IT team plans system maintenance because it has an impact on the availability of MeasureColor Reports during this maintenance cycle. With MeasureColor Reports version 23.2 we have implemented means of communication to warn when the IT-team schedules maintenance cycles.


The more measurements and jobs you collect, the smarter MeasureColor Reports needs to be to calculate, aggregate and present the data in the graphs you like. Improving the performance of MeasureColor Reports is a continuous process of implementing the latest technologies and methods. It is all under the ‘hood’, deep down in the engine, but you feel it when you are in the driving seat.

Log Remarks of press operators

Press operators have the option to add remarks about the print run to a MeasureColor job. The experiences, choices and comments of press operators could be valuable. In MeasureColor Reports, we now include these comments of your press operators in the job report. This adds value to the measurement data of the job and helps to interpret more accurately the data you are looking at. Your decision on process improvements will become even more accurate. And … because it is logged, it doesn’t get lost!


There is always room for improvement. We pay a lot of attention to the details and continuously fix what is not working quite the way you need it. When you see something that needs fixing or improving, … please let us know. Your input and opinions are valued so we can continue building the technologies that help you to grow into the efficient production environment you strive to become.

A lot of the improvements are under the hood. You can find a more extensive list in the MeasureColor change log