MeasureColor 23.1

MeasureColor 23.1 comes with a nice set of improvements and bug fixes. Here we highlight the more significant new features. Most of the improvements are under the hood. You can find the extensive list in the MeasureColor change log.

Adjust job metadata – ‘last minute’

With MeasureColor, you can set up print jobs manually or use the automatic job setup feature. You know how it is; It happens that, last minute, you need to make some changes to the metadata of the job. In previous versions of Measure Color you needed to recreate the whole job again. This is cumbersome and a waste of time. Because we value high performance and efficiency, we added in MeasureColor version 23.1 the ability to edit some elements of the job parameters.

HP Indigo LUT export improvements

Support for HP Indigo LUT exports in MeasureColor was added in version 22.2. This has proven to be a significant improvement and our customers are delighted with it. Based on customer feedback we fine-tuned the naming convention of HP LUT files in MeasureColor 23.1. HP Indigo LUT exports now contain the job number and the color separation of the exported correction curve so they can be loaded with ease per specific job on the Indigo press.
In this scenario below MeasureColor is used to verify color quality AND fine-tune the results on press.

As always, before you start a job production you verify that the press is behaving as expected.
In the first screenshot, MeasureColor shows that the dot gain is too far off. Instead of linearizing the press again to compensate for tonal deviations you simply export the curve correction from MeasureColor and import it to your HP Indigo.

In the screenshots below you see that the dot gain is too high which will of course influence the visual result. Especially when printing simulated spot colors on your ECG press it is crucial that tonal behavior is perfect.

Now that you measured the result you can easily export a correction curve for this job and load it on the Indigo press. The result is a perfect tonal behavior which ensures perfect printing of images and simulated spot colors!
You are now ready to continue and produce the order with full confidence!