MeasureColor Reports 22.2

MeasureColor Reports 22.2


MeasureColor Reports was restyled from the ground up, using the latest web technologies and features. This gives you better usability, more space for graphs and dashboards, and better scaling on different monitors and devices. This results in a much-improved user experience throughout the application.

⚠️ Important note on upgrade sequence
When you use MeasureColor Production in combination with MeasureColor Reports, we advise upgrading your MeasureColor Reports first, before you upgrade your MeasureColor Production.

⚠️ Important: Updated system requirements for SQL Server
MeasureColor and MeasureColor Reports require SQL Server 2016 or newer. Our 22.2 installer will attempt to upgrade SQL Server to version 2019 for default installations. If you run the MeasureColor and/or MeasureColor Reports database on your own SQL instance, please make sure that you run version 2016 or newer before starting the upgrade procedure.

⚠️ Important note for users with custom-made reports
When you have created your own custom reports, or when you have altered standard templates, please check if these reports still give you the required outcome. When all goes well, you’ll see your old report with a new look and feel. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case it is not working out for you → Contact support directly

Performance improvement
Based on customer feedback we took the next step in the performance of report loading. This results in better responsiveness and more efficient drill-down capabilities. You have access to additional data fields allowing you to analyze your processes with even more detailed reports.

New style – New reports views make part of the package
Existing reports with a new look and feel, new reports for smart trend analysis, optimized PDF generation, time zone support, and so much more. Update your MeasureColor Reports today and reap your benefits!


  • New job calendar report gives a view of all jobs over the past week, including the pass/fail and quality score of the job.
  • New dot gain behavior trend report showing how stable and accurate the dot gain is on a specific substrate/ink/press combination. The report also suggests the required dot gain compensation.
  • New machine overview quality performance report gives a live view of the last 30 measurements done on each of your presses.
  • New Ink metrics report showing a list of inks from least accurate to most, including the number of measurements and a list of jobs where the ink was used. Helps to improve how inks are prepared and brought to the press.
  • A report that shows the measurement devices that you have used across your production, including the name, model, serial number, … and even the number of measurements.
  • System overview report shows number of plants, jobs, measurements

… and there is so much more