Update March 1, 2022: LabelExpo Brussels 2022 is canceled

Label Expo 2022 – Brussels – April 26 to 29

Hall 9 A11

Unfortunately, LabelExpo Brussels 2022 is canceled. We hope to see you on the next occasion.

Colorware is bridging the world of color communication

One unified solution for Brand owners, PreMedia agencies, and Printing companies.

MeasureColor Production tools
With MeasureColor technology, you define color and print quality requirements, digitize and share them with the supply chain, and control color during print production across the supply chain anywhere in the world. Color measurement data helps interpret print quality and helps analyze the printing process to look for ways to optimize. Reduce waste – improve color consistency across multiple batches – guarantee time to market.

Open to your world
Integrate MeasureColor in your existing environment, connect your choice of measuring devices, and automate job setup and data communication. The intuitive user interface will help you to save time – your operators will love to work with it.

MeasureColor Reports
It’s all about actionable data. Process-data analysis is the modern way of running your business. Retain complete control and ownership of your data to decide who has access to what. Use the data to improve and become a more profitable company.

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