New in MeasureColor Reports 22.1

New specific reports and dashboards for brand owners

With MeasureColor Reports 22.1 we release several reports and dashboards specifically targeted to brand owners. These new views complement the library of more than 50 existing templates for print suppliers and pre-media agencies.

When data comes from multiple print suppliers you can sort them per supplier and appreciate their print quality. You can drill down on the jobs printed by this supplier and visualize the measurements through the print run. You can see the Rate of Compliance, Print Quality levels, and Balanced Scoring for each print job.

See the quality trend of printed labels and packaging for your brand with a month-by-month overview. Box-and-whisker plots show the level of performance and the quality variation per period. Quick and easy to monitor overall improvements.

Analyze data by product category, print supplier, packaging type, etc. using our dynamic MeasureColor Reports engine. Click on a topic to drill to the next level. Move from a general overview, over group-specific and job-specific data all the way to the smallest details. Receive a nice summary as scheduled reports and dashboards in your mailbox or consult MeasureColor Reports from your normal web browser on your desktop or mobile device.

Some of your specific brand colors may be hard to print. Work with your supply chain to interpret the data and decide on ways to improve. After all, color consistency across multiple printing plants and through many print runs is what supports your brand equity and helps you win the battle of the shelves.