New in MeasureColor 22.1

Announcing in MeasureColor 22.1

Scan complete color bars with your X-Rite eXact AutoScan

MeasureColor integrates seamlessly with the X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan. This solution offers a budget-friendly combination of accurate spectral color measurements with the ease of scanning entire color bars automatically and hands-free. With MeasureColor 22.1 we improve the usability and productivity.

Check ink key and ink zone information for quick and accurate adjustment on press. A laser-guided positioning of the sheet and the color bar, combined with the vacuum table guarantee accurate readings. The activation of the laser and measurements are now controlled from within MeasureColor’s user interface.

The eXact Auto-Scan integrates with closed-loop solutions to deliver automated ink key adjustments which decreases make-ready and improves color quality, making it a budget-friendly solution.

Your eXact continues to function as a detached handheld device for spot readings or manual scan measurements.

Ending of support for X-Rite SpectroEye, and 500/900 series

MeasureColor will end support of X-Rite SpectroEye, 530, and 939 instruments with the version 22.2 release of our software planned for later this year.

Due to these instruments being out of support by the manufacturer, it is not possible for us to fully support them with all of the current needs of our application. We advise any customer continuing to use these instruments to upgrade to a newer model to remain compatible with future versions of MeasureColor.

Versions of MeasureColor 22.1 and earlier will continue to work with these instruments for the time being but are at risk of changes in computer operating system updates or security fixes that could potentially interfere.

Please contact us with any questions or to discuss your specific situation and options.