NEW in MeasureColor 21.2

We believe customer feedback is the most important part of MeasureColor. Your much-appreciated input has turned into many substantial updates in our latest release.


In many cases, there is no space for a color bar to measure colors, especially in flexible packaging and label printing. The MeasureColor MultiSpot module allows our customers to measure individual colors and verify them against color targets and quality tolerances. The “important” colors you want to measure are typically a couple of solid ink patches. Still, you can also select any tint patch or color combination to track the print quality.

  • With MeasureColor version 21.2, we introduce more functionality in the MultiSpot module to offer better traceability and sharing of measurements and more flexibility during the print run.
  • You can send MCX based print quality information to different MeasureColor Reports servers to prove that print jobs were produced according to the client’s expectations. You can send print quality information such as print supplier, client name, PreMedia agency name, design number, printing process type, substrate class, etc. In MeasureColor Reports, you use these parameters to filter and analyze print quality consistency across different suppliers.
  • Not only can you verify color accuracy in MultiSpot, but now you can also validate visual defects, bar-code readability, and color registration. You can send print-quality data and visual-defects data to MeasureColor Reports and 3rd party scoring systems such as X-rite ColorCert ScoreCard Server, making the MultiSpot module as comprehensive and versatile as the other MeasureColor modules.
  • When you’re printing roll-to-roll, you now have the ability to keep track of to which roll a set of measurements belongs. At the end of the print run, you can use this information to manage the delivery of in-tolerance rolls to your customers.
  • We have added the Tools menu, which was already available in other MeasureColor modules to better align all modules.



MCX and PantoneLIVE

The MCX file format (MeasureColor Exchange, an open, readable XML specification created by Colorware) enables MeasureColor users all over the world to share color and print quality specifications with a click on a button. An MCX contains all details that might be needed to measure a print job in the MeasureColor client software. An MCX file is created by exporting a MeasureColor job-preset (from the Process Control, MultiSpot, or Image module), and share this with other users via email, or any share point of your choice. With 21.2, MCX is now able to support PantoneLIVE color identifiers.

Auto job-setup saves hundreds of hours of your valuable time

Auto Job Setup in MeasureColor is now able to extend the number of jobs shown in the job list. This way you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Press operator’s time is valuable. You don’t want them to lose time or make mistakes when creating MeasureColor print jobs. Replacing manual job setup with our XML-based automatic job setup can save hundreds of hours each year, literally!

The automated job setup works by parsing specific XML files which hold the necessary job details like job number, job name, color targets, print quality tolerances, color bars, etc. Our approach uses open XML technology without encryption. It is very flexible and can connect with any XML-based prepress workflow technology such as Hybrid CloudFlow or ESKO Automation Engine. The more information you provide in the XML file, the less the operator must tweak before measuring the print job. With a standard bar code scanner, the operator initiates Auto Job Setup instantly and starts measuring color immediately. This efficiency increases machine uptime and lets your operators focus on what they do best.